Posted on April 16, 2012

China’s Startup Ecosystem – A Recap of Recent Articles

Flickr photostream of tyler_haglund

Flickr photostream of tyler_haglund

With our upcoming Table Talk on Wednesday featuring Frank Yu, Founder of Kwestr  (Register Here), we decided to curate a list of recent articles from the web to add to the discussion. Add to the discussion here and join us Wednesday.

  • Was Facebook’s Instagram Buy Money Well Spent? Watch China | PandoDaily
  • Fostering China’s Creative Entrepreneurs | WSJ
  • Rise of the Global Entrepreneurial Class | Forbes
  • These Facts About The Chinese Startup Scene Will Blow Your Mind | Business Insider
  • 7 Chinese Startups to Put on your Radar for 2012 | Inc.
  • 16 Chinese Startups Came Out With A Bang At The ChinaBang Conference | TechCrunch
  • Startups In China | Quora
  • InnoSpring Launches First U.S.-China Accelerator & Seed Fund | TechCrunch
  • In Asia, Power Gets In The Way | HBR
  • Report: 21 million active iOS smartphones, tablets in China | TechRepublic
  • Pax Applonia | TechRepublic
  • What Makes China’s Top 4 Social Networks Tick? | Mashable
  • Facebook Courting China? Why American Tech Entrepreneurs Avoid China | Forbes
  • Entrepreneurship in China: Let a Million Flowers Bloom | Economist
  • Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Leaving China | Forbes
  • Entrepreneur’s Rival in China: The State | NY Times
  • China’s Entrepreneurship Problem | HBR
  • China’s Giant Tencent Placing Bets on Small Silicon Valley Startups | Bloomberg
  • Five to Follow for Doing Business in China | Entrepreneur