We’re passionate about bringing together interesting people, cool projects, and remarkable ideas. We started The Big Plate as an exclusive, membership community for entrepreneurs, artists and innovators to connect, collaborate, and create.

Think of it as a virtual think tank, a trusted advisory board, and your on-demand education center for fresh ideas and good conversation. We help you solve two core problems: getting started and keeping going. The community gives you a seat at the table to ask questions, share stories, and build connections.

So, if you’re working on a startup and want to connect with other diverse leaders, we’ve built this collaborative kitchen for you. In fact, The Big Plate was created as a the direct result of a table talk designed to brainstorm and incubate new ideas. We know it works and we’re here to help.

If you want to be a part of this grand experiment to see what happens when smart, talented folks share and learn together, join today or feel free to contact us anytime to chat or learn more.

Why Did You Start The Big Plate?

When ideas, people and experiences collide that’s when the fun begins. We wanted to see what happens when you put smart, driven, successful people in a room together and let the conversations collide.

We wanted to build a community to accelerate startups, to educate, share, collaborate and create. The Big Plate is a collaborative kitchen to help make this happen.




Check out The Big Plate – join the conversation – and thanks for being a part of the community.